Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Double Squeeeee!!

I came home to a box on my front porch today. Hmmm, I wondered, what ever could that be. Not possibly my Knit Picks order I placed yesterday. I had asked for 3 day shipping so I would have something to knit at this weekends get together with my knitsters... but it had not been 3 days. Just one. Well, imagine my surprise to find it was my recent yarn order! Squeee! I am glad I didn't pay the extra $5 for the two-day delivery option!!

So the box is opened... I am hoping the colors are close to what I was looking for. Swish Superwash in Ballerina pink, Baby Blue, Camel Heather, and Natural*... all chosen online with hopes they would match the fabric in the crib skirt** (and theme of the nursery I suppose). So what do you think?
Perfect match!
SQUEEEEE!!! The yarn's destiny is to become the Baby Moderne baby blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting. I see casting on in my near future!
*natural not shown in the picture, the hank is 220 yards because it is the undyed Swish and wasn't being pretty.
**I know, no loose bedding in the crib... risk of SIDS, and worst mother award... I still want it to match dangit!


  1. how perfect! i don't think you could have gotten the colors any closer! and damn that's fast service!

  2. I think they look perfect! YAY for quick delivery!

  3. What a great match! I am a bad mom too. Marcus slept with a blanket since he was 7 months old. We have pictures of him in a bassinet-type thing with his foster family. There are a bunch of blankets and pillows in there with him. Somehow he survived it all.

  4. holy good eye, batman! can't wait to see it knit up!

  5. Score! They've really improved their shipping; I got an order in two or three days last time with just regular shipping.

    (I told Bethie you were making this blanket, in case she gets in touch with you with questions, by the way)