Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crib Skirt- Finished!!

This past weekend we bought a crib, and got it set up in the nursery. It was so exciting seeing this empty blue room turn into a nursery with the addition of one piece of furniture. This was all the motivation I needed to get to finishing up the crib skirt sewing project that had been on hold for a few weeks. There wasn't much left to do, just a few hours worth of work and I am just so pleased with how it looks. I could sit and stare at it all afternoon. So please allow me to overload you with pictures... you can click on these to see larger versions if you want.
Full view of the crib-
Crib with skirt
Close up
Crib skirt close up
A view from above, with the scalloped blankie from Cara-
Crib skirt and scalloped blankie
Close up with the rail lowered-
Crib skirt with rail down

Now, of course you must imagine a mattress resting above the skirt with a pink sheet to get the full effect. Plus as sproggy gets bigger the mattress platform will be lowered and more of the skirt will be visible below the side rail.


  1. That is quite stunning!!

    I also love your crib selection... simple and classic but not too boring. Sounds just like me!

  2. I LOVE IT! especially that blankie *wink*

  3. I love it! Sproggy's mum has very good taste. :)

  4. It looks great... you have a great eye! keep up the good work ;)

  5. I think you inspired me to get moving on Sophia's room. Thanks! I love the crib skirt. It looks fantastic. I just ordered a beginners sewing book to help me get started on some basic projects. Knitting may have to wait for a bit!