Thursday, October 4, 2007

The tale of two hobbies...

Well, I am happy to report that my Baby Moderne blanket is coming along quite nicely despite my initial set backs. That is not to say there have not been additional problems along the way, but you can assume they where minor enough to allow me to fix them and move past the set back quickly.
Baby Moderne Progress
I am working on block 7 right now, the pink block along the top of the photo. When finished it will be 36 ridges and as wide as the brown and blue blocks already completed. Still have a while to go, but I am knitting away! One more photo, to help with estimating the blankets size thus far...
Mo and Baby Moderne
Special thanks to Mo who was kind enough to take time out of his busy day to stand on the blanket.

Second on my things to talk about list was I am gearing back up to sew again. The crib skirt project has been on hold due to sewing machine relocation issues. Well finally Taylor has a new home in my craft room.
Taylors new home
The table is from Ikea, and as you can tell from the photo it is wall mounted and can be folded down. I was a fan of this one because it was in the budget and I didn't have to worry about blocking the cold air return vents along the wall. Also I think the work surface is just the right size.
Taylors new home 2
The fabric shown is part of some secret sewing, which I will not be blogging about for a while. I am anxious to get it started...but have decided the crib skirt takes priority right now.


  1. well, your moderne is catching up to mine in size, in fact i think they might be very close in size :) which really just cracks me up more than anything....

    the desk looks great! i love that it folds down :) and that's some cute fabric too :)

  2. that desk really works well in that corner! i wasn't sure where you were going to put it in the room! looks like a great place for sproggy to do homework while mommy knits!!!! :) (oh i'm such a dorky teacher!)

    that was exceptionally nice of mo to model the blanket, which by the way, is gorgeous!!


  3. Secret sewing, oh my!

    Looks like you've been knitting up a storm, girl.

  4. Two hobbies at once! That's something I can't seem to wrap my brain around -- all my cross-stitch has been put away in storage and it's all knitting all the time around here.

    The Moderne looks fantastic!