Sunday, October 7, 2007

Showered with Handmade Gifts!

Yesterday was my first of two baby showers being held to welcome little Sproggy into this world. It was a beautiful day, and I am really speechless over the generosity of my family and friends. My mother and sister Julie really worked hard to make sure everything was just perfect and it showed. My mother had been quite a busy lady making "boo-boo bunnies" as favors for our guests. If you are not familiar, a boo-boo bunny is a terrycloth rabbit shaped ice cube holder.
Boo boo Bunnies Boo boo Bunny Side
Darling right?

As I mentioned we really did receive so many wonderful gifts, but I thought this was a good place to gush over the beautiful handmade gifts. Cara was inspired at the last minute to sew a beautiful blanket from Bend the Rules Sewing. I am grateful that she found this inspiration, because look at how great this blanket turned out.
Blanket from Cara
Yes, she was able to find the fabric I am using for my crib skirt sewing project! She has a detailed blog post on her experience with this sewing project as well, and another photo there too.

The next hand made gift was quite a surprise to me. Annie knit me a baby sweater! Not a surprise because I didn't think she was capable. She is a very talented gal. However I was not expecting the hand knit gift from her. She is very good at keeping secrets!
Sweater from Annie
It is knit from a soft gold yarn, and if you look closely (or click on the picture to see an enlarged version) you can see the detail of the eyelet pattern and the little cable stitches in the ribbing along the button band and bottom of the sweater.

Blogless Erin also knit for Sproggy.
Knitted gifts from Erin
In the package there was two burp cloths from the Mason Dixon Knitting book, a button down sweater knit in a soft green and purple variegated yarn, and a tiny little hat and sock set knit up in a sock yarn.

And finally there are the gifts from Amy. More beautiful hand knits.
Knitted gifts from Amy
The baby sweater is knit in a heathered green yarn and has the sweetest heart buttons to hold the top together. She also knit two MDK burp cloths and a double-sided washcloth proudly displaying a K (for our last name).

I just wanted to take time and brag about what great and talented friends I have. I feel like I now have crafty debt to each of them! Not a terrible thing to owe someone in my opinion!


  1. What great friends you have, particularly that Annie girl! She's the best.

    BTW, the yarn I used for the sweater was Rowan Handknit Cotton in Nectar. I actually ended up overbuying by two skeins so just let me know if you want to knit (notice I'm not offering to do the knitting myself) something to coordinate with that awesome sweater and you can have the yarn.

  2. yeah, you DO have some talented friends :)

    i'm glad i was able share the day with you and i'm extra glad that MY gift was actually part of ALL your photos LOL that means mine was extra special right? ha!

  3. Wow...some talented friends, and modest, too!! : )

  4. i think you need to update...
    i'm tired of seeing those bunnies! i have nightmares about them... first all over our diningroom & now when i go to your blog- they stare at me! :)