Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh, Deer

Doe, a dear
I took that picture last Saturday. This little doe decided to spend the morning in our yard nestled under the dogwood tree in my "deer resistant" plants. It wasn't until K needed to cut the grass that she decided to head out and find someplace quiter to rest. She was not afraid of us taking the dogs out, but I made sure to keep our distance so that we didn't spook her. The reason I decided to post about her is because she is back again this morning. I think she needs a name. We already have the groundhog family- Gilberta (started out Gilbert until she had babies) and her two kids Gill and Bertie. Then there are the two rabbits, Bernard and Purl. (Yes, I really am THAT crazy. It is hereditary). So much wildlife so close to the city. I used to have to go camping to see deer, and now they are in my backyard.


  1. We have one that does the same thing!
    I vote for Lady, after the Feb Lady Sweater craze:)

  2. Lilly....
    Just because I love lilly of the valley....
    When I lived in Princeton, I remember how many deers we had there... not anymore, living in Sao Paulo...
    Let us know what you decided!
    happy knitting!

  3. She looks so dignified. I vote for Genevieve.