Thursday, June 19, 2008

WIP:February Lady Sweater

Just wanted to share some pictures of my sweater in progress. This is about after two weeks since I cast on.
Big Ass Baby two weeks in
As you can see I have divided for the sleeves and put them onto my two shortest KnitPicks options cords. I started a second hank of Cascade 220, and because it is 100% wool I spit spliced the yarn so that there are no extra ends to weeve in. Continuing with this technique will leave me with only six ends to weave in and no seaming! That is my kind of finishing. I have maybe 5 repeats of the lace pattern done in the photo, but have done another three since then. It should go smoothly from here! I am starting to wonder how long I should make it. Where it should hit on my body for the best look. And how long I will want the sleeves. The sample has 3/4 sleeves and looks very cute but I might want full sleeves. However, will the sleeves be too baggy at my wrist? Maybe someone else will finish before me and provide some full sleeve photos so I can decide before knitting all the way down my long arms!
I also might have knit too many rows in the yolk. There may be sweater surgery in my future. Amy, you may have to assist. I am not sure I have the guts to cut my knitting alone!


  1. So far the finished Lady Sweaters are either not modeled or were intentionally made with short sleeves or the intended 3/4 length. See, I tend to favor 3/4 length and I certainly don't like bell sleeves. But I'm guessing you can carry off either look just fine! It's looking great by the way...have you started obsessing about buttons yet?

  2. Ok, maybe this is going to be really obvious, but what's WIP? The sweater looks like it's going to be gorgeous!