Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home things

As I mentioned previously, we have established our fourth room upstairs as a guest bedroom. Meaning that we no longer have a "junk room". At one point it seemed like we had three junk rooms. Oh how far we have come in the past 4.5 years of home ownership. We received the full sized bed from my grandparent's house. It fits into the room nicely.
guest bed2
I love that little detail on the headboard. We painted the room a color called Beach House by Shirwin Williams. This picture does not do it justice however. Guess that is what I get for photographing the room while it was very sunny out.
guest bed
The coverlette is from Bed Bath and Beyond, and is a light blue. We need a couple of more pillows for the bed before it is finished. Plus I only ironed one set of the curtains so far. We are also considering adding room darkening blinds to the room to try to combat the afternoon sun. Oh, and I have to install the ceiling fan too. Probably sometime this weekend. Just a boring white one like in our room, but the room gets so hot it would be silly to not put one in.

Rachel's Irises
I did a little gardening! I decided on this little corner to plant the Irises that RD so generously gave to me when we visited their new home. I really hope that they like it here as well as they liked living next to the carriage house! I gave them some new soil as what was there was lacking in many ways. After I had finished this little project I went to another bed and tried pulling weeds. I startled a little snake who was sunning himself , which in turn startled me. So those weeds are safe for now... and I know to look around for snakes before digging around for weeds!


  1. I love how the scalloped edges of the linens echo the detail in the bed. Very nice!

  2. i love that bed- it does fit so nicely in between the 2 windows. you need some art on the wall above the bed, too!

  3. the bed detail is pretty! and i like the colors, even though the light is bright outside i can tell what they would like like in reality. nice choices :)