Sunday, August 10, 2008

Teeth vs Sleep

Guess which won.... yawn. The good news is that the second tooth cut. Perhaps tonight will be better? I never saw a baby with bags under their eyes, that is until today.


  1. awww, poor EJ! I hope she feels better soon and you both get some sleep!

  2. i could have posted the same thing.... andy was up 4 times last night, 4 times the night before... i hate teeth....

  3. I'm right there with ya hun! I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why Hudson hasn't slept in, oh, MONTHS! He slept okay last night (only up 3 times) and this morning I looked and saw 2 white teeth about to pop through. Teething stinks!
    BTW - I can't believe she had bags under her eyes!