Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So Long!

No, no... not like so long, I am going away. More like holy heck, my arms are SOOOoooooo long!
So Long
I ended up adding about 4 inches more sleeve than the pattern suggested! However I am happy with the length and that means I will wear the sweater without pulling at the cuffs all day long wishing I had just spent a little more time making them right. there is a mistake in this sleeve. Can you see it? Yea, I didn't think so. Which is why I didn't fix it. Now I just need to finish the second one... it is about 5 inches long now. Maybe I will duplicate the mistake and that way they will match. hehe.

Between knitting the sleeves I put the collar onto the sweater to mix things up a bit. It does not lie flat when it is laying flat, but does smooth out once it is on and stretches out a bit.

Who knows, I just might finish this sweater before the start of Fall!


  1. mmmm looks GREAT! love e's vanna white pose :) such a helpful little model :)

  2. LOL ej's so cute with the long sleeve!

  3. I'm really glad to have had the "what's worth ripping and fixing" conversation at Panera on Sunday. And yes, remember that I put my sweater away in deference to you ;-) Lil' Miss Thang appears to be getting much more confident in her...uprightedness. Just you wait, Amanda, just you wait... But anyway, I just wanted to say that you are one of the blasted reasons that I'm still walking around carrying pointed sticks and lotsa yarn. And I thank you :-) Hope the finished sweater that spans...2 years (is it now?), is it, is just as delightful blocked and on as you thought it could be when you started it. Just don't put it on any wash cycles, m'kay?

    ...I was fighting just saying "here, here" to Annie's "you're a freak comment", lol, but decided to get windy!!!!