Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Attack of the Mason Dixon Knitting!

I like many others have become smitten with the book and blog Mason Dixon Knitting. Much of my summer knitting was devoted to patterns from this book. They where so simple, yet so inspiring to me. I have a hard time explaining my attraction to the book.

I started with ever popular ball band dishcloths. I knit four in total, with Peaches and Cream Yarn. They are simple and fun to mix up the colors as you go! One was gifted to Mum when she said that she liked them.

Then I saw the linen hand towels and instatnly thought of our friends in NY. Well the female friend of the two... she was turning 30 and I just knew some prissy hand towels would brighten her day! One is the moss grid pattern and the other is a diamond pattern!

I too needed some lovely Euroflax linen hand knit goods for myself so I knit the bubbly curtain for our front door. It looks so perfect in the hall, and I am always complemented on it by our guests!

I also knit a baby bib o'love and a baby genius burp cloth for a knitty friend who had her first son this year!!


  1. Look at you, matching your knitting to your Fiestaware! I'm totally jealous of the linen knits...I gotta get movin' on my MDK.

  2. the bib and burp cloth - i love it! really, i have it, that's mine, in the photo there. Max loves it too! he looks so good in blue and white! sadly enough with is bad habit of spitting up all the time, his first 6 months of his life are doomed to be constantly photographed with him wearing a bib, at least when he wears this one, he's absoluty-knit-astic!

    great gift idea!

  3. Wow, you are so good! I'm hoping to try the ballband dish cloth once the craziness of xmas knitting has died down.

  4. You're showing me up with all of these recent knitting photos! I need to get on the ball.

    Love the photo of the pups at the top. Now we just need to see Mo modeling his Steeler sweater. :-)