Monday, November 27, 2006

Extreme Makeover, Bathroom Edition

That is right... the hole-in-the-wall bar bathroom which occupied our home for the past three years has finally met its end. My mother in law was the first to point out its obvious lack of style, it was quite odd. A chair rail painted red ran around tiny room and ended just as it ran into the terrible fake wood vanity, topped with a lovely Formica top which housed a beige sink. Well, I have never been good with words-

Lovely right? Are you shocked we threw that beastly cabinet out? I cheered when the garbage men hauled it away and gazed hopefully in to our bare room. So full of possibilities! So in just a little over one week, my loving man with some help transformed this ugly room into a beautiful addition to our first floor! Feast your eyes on this!

Not 100% done, yet usable. I love it, and love my K for putting the work into it.


  1. what a difference!!
    the floor is so nice!
    is that green the same as the diningroom or darker?

  2. Hey, lookin' good. I cant wait to see it when it is finished.

    By the way, why am I not one of your blogging friends. I have a blog you know :)