Friday, November 24, 2006

Here We Go Steelers, Here we Mo!!

I feel like I am playing catch up still with my blogging. This post will not be an exception to that. This past April we adopted our second Boston Terrier, Cosmo. Who we fondly call Mo- or anything that starts with Mo... We rescued him from the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, and even through we where from out of state they considered us as potential adopters! They where so nice to work with too.

Anywho, on to the story already... the foster family insisted that Cosmo was a Browns fan (yack) and Ohio State fan. I promised that he could remain a fan of Ohio State... but under no circumstances could we have a Browns fan in the family. The whole way home we brainwashed Cosmo into being a Steelers fan, one round of "Here we go" and he was switching teams. As football season aproached Mo became more and more interested in the team, so I thought it was appropiate to knit him a sweater. I was unable to find anything online that was even close to what I was looking for, so I embarked on an experimental knitting project. The Doggie Steelers Sweater. The yarn was Knit Picks Merino Style and I used the following colors - Maple Leaf, Dusk, Fog, Vanilla, Coal, and Crocus. One skein of each except I used up two skeins of the Coal. The back was knit first, with an intarsia logo. It was by far the most enjoyable part for me.

I put it on hold for a while after finishing the back. The tummy and sleeves didn't excite me right away. Once I regained my stamina (weeks before the start of the season begining) I got my butt in gear and knit up the rest of the sweater. Lets just say my studly little man attracts all the hot ladies in his gear, and all the boys are jealous!

Isn't he studly?

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  1. Studly he is..Lovin the did a great job..