Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blocking Avast

Yesterday I finally bound off the finial spot on my Avast sweater! I thought that the endless stockenette stitch may never end. And looking at it in its finial state was not very impressive. That is until I blocked. The hems are not yet stitched in place however once folded under I was better able to envision my finished project. I think I really like it!

Avast Blocking

Still waiting for it to dry. It is locked in the "nursery" right now on Kevin's old twin bed drying. The room smells of wet wool from being shut up but it was all I could do to keep Bella from rolling all over it. She must want to smell like wet wool too. Once dry I can stitch down all of the hems and seem up the second sleeve and we can make K model it for us! YEA! His punishment for recent behavior ;oP


  1. It looks fantastic! It must feel great to have that all done.

  2. looks great, but now I can't wait to see it on the model!

  3. i love it! and i love the color!