Monday, July 16, 2007

Sugar and Spice...

and everything nice. That is what little girls are made of.

Early this morning K and I headed to the hospital to have the "Big" ultrasound done. We had the first appointment of the day with hopes that K could make it to work without using any more time off. Sproggy had different ideas and proved to be as stubborn as her mother. After a trip to the restroom with hopes to get her moved into a better position, and a second ultrasound tech, we where able to get all of the measurements the doctors needed to make sure she was healthy and growing. We also where lucky to find out that our little Sproggy is a girl (if you didn't pick up on that yet).
Baby 19w3d

That random appendage above her head in the second photo is her leg. Sproggy is one flexible gal! She had held onto it through much of the ultrasound.


  1. I remember the US appointments were amazing for us...especially after they let me pee ;-) Glad everything looks good and SHE cooperated for the money shots. Congrats!!!

  2. i am so excited!!!! i printed out the picture & put her on the fridge for mum & dad!!!
    thats a pretty sweet move- being able to hold her foot... maybe she'll be a gymnist!!!

  3. how exciting!!! so many cute things out there for little girlies!