Friday, July 13, 2007

My Lucky Day

I hope that I didn't use up all of my luck yesterday only to be left with none on Friday the 13th! Gasp! I found myself in two "lucky" situations yesterday for which I am grateful. The first is knitting related. I am getting very close to finishing up Avast. The shoulder shaping is finished, I continued to knit the collar and the collar lining. Seemed one of the sleeves on a trolley ride home and then started the first of the two zipper bands along the front last night. I am however on my last skein of yarn and still have the second zipper band, bottom hem, and more seaming to take care of. I am terrified of running out of yarn... so I e-mailed the LYS that I had bought the yarn at WAY back on a cold night in February. Stacey from Knit One quickly wrote me back and told me she would look when she was in the store later in the day. This was all on Wednesday. SO yesterday I heard back from her and they have what I need!!! I was just beside myself with excitement and had a sudden feeling that I don't need the extra skein to finish the sweater. I will however buy it, and make it be SOMETHING if the sweater in fact does not require the extra skein.

My second bit of luck was noticed after I got home from work. I opened the basement door into the kitchen only to find Mo waiting for me. This is more unusual than it may sound. We crate both dogs while we are at work... and Bella is probably the better of the two and far more trustworthy out of her crate. However Mo managed to spend the entire day sleeping because I couldn't find anything he had gotten into on his big day out. Phew!

I will try to get around to posting pictures of Avast this weekend... it is just in a wonky state with all of the unseamed hems flapping about and curled stockenette stitch. I just don't think it is very photogenic just yet.


  1. Just how big is this skein? Enough for that matching sproggy sweater, I hope!

  2. It is Cascade 220... so I will have 220 yards which should be enough for a sproggy sweater of some kind :o) Good thinking Jen!