Sunday, July 29, 2007

My weekend in photos...

My mother and I went fabric shopping. I cannot find the crib skirt of my dreams anywhere, and figure sewing one would be much easier than continuing the hunt. Here is what we found...
It will be put together like this, with that ribbon acting as a transition between the fabrics.
There is a pattern we are following, basically a straight skirt, with two box pleats on the long side of the crib, and one pleat on the short side.

We also stopped at Ikea and got a new piece of furniture for our bedroom.
I put that together myself. I love a good puzzle.

K wearing his Avast sweater so I could measure for a zipper-
Avast On
I need to get one that is 28 inches long. I also picked up some grosgrain ribbon to back the zipper with to add a little flair ala grumperina.

The pups loving each other.
Bella Mo 1
It didn't last long. Some jealousy later in the weekend over some bones caused some major issues between them. Bella hid one while Mo was chewing the other. Then Bella stole the second one off of Mo and tried to find it a hiding spot too. I was on the phone with my boss and didn't notice we where down to one bone and two dogs. Bad ratio. So Mo tried to get his bone back and Bella freaked. Spooked Mo and he has been hiding in his crate much of the night. He isn't hurt. Still sad. Bad Bella!

And lastly, please ignore the bags under my eyes, the bad hair day and my favorite pants... a 21 week 2 day belly shot.
Belly 21 weeks
Hi sproggy!


  1. oh my, Amanda, i just love the fabrics that you chose for the crib skirt!!!! i can't WAIT to see the finish product! are you making curtains too? or anything else? so adorable!

    ooh, and the sweater looks awesome!

  2. that fabric is so you. i was hoping you'd post it since i wasn't here when you guys got done shopping.
    like the little dresser... dogs are cute as usual... and wahoo for 21 weeks & 2 days!!

  3. look at that belly!!! soo cute!


  4. I love the nursery fabrics! I cannot wait to see the finished product...

  5. Lookit you with the baby belly already!! She's going to be a cutie!