Friday, July 6, 2007

Camp, a week late

So it only took me a week to get this written out, but I did it. And that is what matters. A little background... my parents rented an apartment in Crafton off of a wonderful family when I was just an infant. This family lived on the second floor of the duplex and my parents and I lived on the first floor. They became fast friends and this family extended an invitation to my parents to come and use their camp for a week in the summer with them. It soon became a tradition, and this family became a part of my own family. The children I once played badminton with are now parents themselves and we still try to make a weekend trip to camp each year to catch up and escape the every day.

This year camp was particularly exciting. After arriving, Jim warned us that there have been bears lurking around and it was extra important to keep food out of our tents. The last thing I expected was to actually see one. It has been years since I had seen a bear at camp. But shortly before nightfall one was spotted walking down the main road. He just plopped down in the neighboring property and watched us for a bit until the neighbor scared him off with some shouting and gun shots. He was not the little bear that they had seen more often. This one was likely 250lbs and was very pretty. I only wish I had gotten a picture. It all happened so fast!

Saturday was a bit quieter. We took a hike with my sister Julie and Bella in Cooks Forrest. We used Baker's trail which runs through the property where the Fire Tower and Seneca Point are located. We walked a good hour total. After returning to camp we took some time to relax...

Sunday came to quick as always. I am wondering if we can pull it off again next year with a 6 month old... hmmmm....


  1. wow! you saw a bear! how cool is that! Chris has seen one while camping further north than cooks forest but it was just him and my brother so they were a little freaked out! looks like a beautiful place!

  2. sunday did come super fast...
    it was a good time & thanks for inviting me on your hike! i had a good time! :)

  3. I haven't been camping in so long! I miss it! Cooks Forest is a beautiful place!